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Mississippi Consumer Finance Association


Mississippi Consumer Finance Association announces new leaders

Jackson, MS – August 21, 2020


The Mississippi Consumer Finance Association (MCFA) announced new leaders in the organization for 2020-2021. 


Bobby Hood has been elected to serve as President of the MCFA Board of Directors.  Hood is owner of Ackerman Finance, Inc., Ackerman, Mississippi.  Hood has been involved in the consumer finance business for 50 years.   He replaces Michael Weaver, partner in Sebastopol Finance, Westside Finance, Union Finance, Walnut Grove Finance, and Longleaf Finance.  Weaver will serve as the immediate past president. 


Jody Macon, Chief Operational Officer of Tower Loan, has been elected to serve as Vice President.  Tower Loan has over 230 locations in five states.  Macon has been in the consumer finance business since 1988. 


J. Michael Culpepper, President/COO of First Heritage Credit, has been re-elected to serve as the Secretary/Treasurer.  First Heritage Credit has over 101 branches in five states.  Culpepper has been in the consumer finance business since 1974. 


Members of the MCFA Board of Directors are as follows:


John Brasher, Treasurer Loans                                               Jerry Fitch, Fidelity National Loans              

Banky Hammack, Philadelphia Credit Corp.                            Paul Robinson, Gulf Islands Credit

Jim Hill, First Heritage Credit                                                   Thomas Conner, Third Union Finance

Ernie Felker, Liberty Finance                                                   Jason Gunter, Assurance Credit Corp.

Maribeth White, Batesville Financial Services                         Bryan Anderson, First Metropolitan Financial

Helen Thrash, Acceptance Loan Corporation                         Joe Perdue, Mariner Finance

Pat Smith, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation                          Patrick Williams, World Acceptance Corporation


Mississippi’s consumer lenders employ over 2,200 Mississippians in branches around the state and play a vital role in providing nearly $1 billion a year into Mississippi’s economy in the form of affordable credit.  The Mississippi Consumer Finance Association was founded in 1958 for the purpose of promoting the welfare and education of its members engaged in the personal installment loan business in the State of Mississippi.




As members of the consumer finance industry, we 
invite you to join us and watch your business and career grow through our group of top professionals, paid staff, and countless volunteers.

We here at MCFA can do this much and more for you and your professional success:

  • Keep you informed of what the Mississippi Legislature is doing to affect the consumer finance industry by being your eyes, ears, and most importantly, your voice.
  • Establish and fund a powerful Political Action Committee to lobby legislators and promote your political agenda.
  • Bring you and your staff the most rewarding educational seminars the consumer finance industry has to offer.
  • Facilitate an environment of the top professionals in consumer finance through an annual conference and offer a unique, industry driven networking opportunity.
  • Provide your business with industry-specific issues and updates, surrounding Mississippi and the country.
  • Retain legal counsel to represent the consumer finance industry in the Supreme Court, Federal Trade Commission hearings and Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance hearings.
  • Work closely on your behalf with the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance.